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I am a straddler. By that I mean, my background is creative and graphics but my job skills lie in the programming and data side of things.

I earned a BFA in graphic design from Ball State University and worked as a graphic artist for six years at Nashville-based agencies Gish Sherwood & Friends and Alcott Routon. While at Alcott Routon, a database marketing agency serving a fourth of the nation’s largest financial institutions and other national brands, I made the transition to programming database-intensive web applications. I currently work for Alcott Whitney as their Director of Technology Services. Which basically means, if the company were the starship Enterprise, I would be Scotty.

Creatively speaking, if you wanted it printed, I can make the file for you — I’m quite familiar with Adobe’s Creative Suite for both printed and online use. I have earned the MCP certification for SQL Server and am proficient with ColdFusion, C#, ASP.NET and several other technologies. All of that has allowed me to have built numerous web applications to solve complex business challenges for leading companies like KinderCare, AmSouth, and M&I Bank.

When not working, I enjoy movies, comic books, tech gadgets and spending time with my wife.

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cgreenws at gmail (.) com

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