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Control your Playstation 4 with your TV remote control

April 15, 2015
Posted by Christopher

Playstation 4If you own an HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible television you may be able to use your TV remote control to navigate your Playstation 4 menu system. I have a Sony Bravia TV and it works like a champ. Others have found varying degrees of success with Panasonic and Samsung TVs as well.  Your results may vary but since Sony hasn’t issued an official PS4 remote it might be worth 10 minutes of testing to see if you already have a remote that works.

The key is having an HDMI-CEC compatible TV. This allows the TV to pass information back to the PS4 over the HDMI cable. So the TVs IR port receives the remote signal and then hands it off to the PS4. But you have to turn this feature on in the settings for your PS4. It’s pretty simple.

Just go to System > Settings > Enable HDMI Device Link and make sure it’s checked off. That’s it. If you have a compatible TV the remote will now work.

Here is the link to the Playstation 4 online manual talking about this feature:

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