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1Password Anywhere not showing all my passwords

June 9, 2014
Posted by Christopher

1Password as a great little feature if you are syncing via Dropbox. It’s called 1PasswordAnywhere. Basically, it creates an HTML file in your folder which you can click on. This gives you read-only access to your passwords from any browser. Great for that one-off lookup or when sitting at a different computer. Just open the Dropbox website and drill down into the 1Password folder until you see 1Password.html (see image below).

1Password File In Dropbox


But as with all things tech, sometimes things go wrong. A co-worker using the Windows version of 1Password came to me because her view of the 1PasswordAnywhere file was only showing just one entry but her desktop 1Password was showing all of her password entries (hundreds of them). Needless to say, when she was offsite she couldn’t view the passwords she needed.

Turns out, there was a pretty simple fix (Note: this option seems to just be on the Windows side, I did not see it on my Mac version).

Let me preface this all with the tried and true “before you do anything, make a backup of your files!” You’ve been warned.

All we had to do was open the desktop version of 1Password and go to the menu option File > Repair 1Password Data

This then seems to have kicked out a new HTML file which then Dropbox synced up to the cloud. After that, everything worked as needed.

Hope that helps.

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