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WordPress – How to deactivate a Jetpack Plugin

October 2, 2013
Posted by Christopher

One of the great plugin sets you have freely available to your WordPress site is  Jetpack by These give you all kinds of additional features for your freshly installed WordPress blog. And since most of them are free, you can experiment all you want. But sometimes you may want to deactivate one and how to do that may not be so obvious at first glance.

So, here is how you deactivate a Jetpack plugin. When looking at all your plugins, your active ones will have a “Learn More” button. Click it.


An info pane will expand giving you additional information about the plugin. But what you may not have noticed is the “Configure” button has now been replaced by a “Deactivate” button. Click it and you no longer have to worry about that plugin.


I’ve found this useful for such plugins as the Stats. Apparently, it keeps the info in your MySQL database so each time a page loads it writes a record. This could get quite costly if you have a popular blog. So, my suggestion is to use a Google Analytics plugin instead. It keeps it out of your database and gives you much more rich data about your visitors.

Hope this little tip helps!


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