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Clip a webpage to Evernote on the iPad

August 16, 2013
Posted by Christopher


Once I finally got my head around how to use Evernote, it quickly became one of my key productivity and organization tools. If you haven’t tried Evernote, go take a look at it. They have a free version which will probably handle 80% of users. I pay for a Premium account primarily because I believe in the product and want them to stay in business. I won’t go into all their features here — you can read about them on their site.

One thing which makes Evernote extremely useful is their plug-in for web browsers which lets you “Clip” a webpage and send it to your Evernote account. I use this all the time for grabbing everything from tech articles to recipes. Unfortunately, you can’t add plug-ins to mobile Safari on the iPad, so I’ve always emailed the webpage to my desktop then clipped it there. This process worked but was a tad cumbersome, especially if I wasn’t going to be near my desktop anytime soon.

Well, I found a way to do all I need with just the iPad. For this to work, you will need three things:

  1. An Evernote account (obviously)
  2. Evernote for iOS app
  3. Your Evernote email address

After you sign up for Evernote and get the iOS app on your iPad connected, you can easily find your Evernote email address by clicking on your name in the top left of the app to see your Account details.


Scroll down to the General Settings section and you should see one labeled “Evernote email address”, click it and the screen will slide in with your custom Evernote email address.


You can email just about anything to this address and the system will automatically create a new note for you in your Evernote notebook. I have found it helpful to just make a contact in my address book named “Evernote”. Saves time in the future.

Now that you have everything you need to make this happen, open the website you wish to clip in Safari. Then click the actions icon next to the address bar and select Mail.


This should open an email composer window with the URL for the webpage as the body. Simply enter your custom Evernote email address and press send.


Open the iOS Evernote app and after a minute you should see the new note appear in your default notebook.


It’s essentially your email, so you have the URL in the body of the note.


But, the URL is a link, if you click it, Evernote will open the link in an embedded browser window.


Now for the piece which does all the magic. In the lower right of the window is an action button, click it. One of the options should be “Clip to Evernote”, click this option.


After a few seconds, a new note will appear with a Clipped version of your webpage.


And that’s all it takes. Unfortunately, they use the URL as the title of the note but you can easily edit this to be something more meaningful.

It would be nice if Evernote added more direct access to clipping a web page into Evernote on the iPad. But in the meantime, this process will hopefully help you keep organized without having to run to a desktop whenever you want to clip an article.

What are your “must-have” Evernote productivity tips?

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4 thoughts on “Clip a webpage to Evernote on the iPad

  • It’s always interesting to see how other people do things.

    I use Evernote a good bit but 98% of my usage is going paper free at home. I scan things that people normally will file and use Evernote to organize all that.

    For recipes I use Plan to eat. For articles, I save them to

  • Yeah, Evernote seems like one of those things everyone has a different approach to. I had an account for a long time before I found how it worked best for me.

  • You can also use the bookmarklet, but getting that into Safari in iOS is a bit of a hassle. The best way is to do it on your Mac in Safari and sync your bookmarks with iCloud.

  • Hadn’t tried the bookmarklet. Mostly because of the pain of doing them on the iPad. May have to try the sync trick to see if I can get it to work. Thanks!

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